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Established in 2015, WOW Connections is a digital marketing and advertising agency that helps businesses achieve their growth goals. They offer a comprehensive suite of services, including brand development, strategic marketing planning, social media and Google Ads campaigns, website and mobile design, and search engine optimization (SEO). By combining these services, WOW Connections helps businesses establish a strong online presence, attract high-quality leads, and ultimately become leaders in their industry.


We bring GROWTH through strategic and creative marketing & advertising initiatives utilizing AI to generate leads and take your brand to the next level

Increase your sales through our strategic approach!

We are an agency of growth and advancement

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Salcedo Medical Center and Vein Institute

WOW Connections provided website design, strategic marketing planning and implementation, and brand development services. We are currently providing strategic marketing services, including multichannel content strategy (development and implementation), brand consistency, strategic advertising campaigns, website IT support and management, and SEO services. ~ Chicago, IL​

Chicago Eyelid - Dr. Sheila Shifrin

WOW Connections provided website and logo design, brand development, strategic marketing planning, and execution services. We are currently providing strategic marketing services, including social media advertising, multichannel content strategy, website IT support and management, brand consistency, and SEO services. ~ Chicago, IL


PIW Group, LLC

We provided website design and marketing services. Currently providing SEO and website IT support and management services - Chicago, IL

This is a logo of sabor a cafe restaurant in chicago, we provide to them marketing including lead generation advertising, logo redesign, website maintenance and provided website design services as well.

Sabor a Café Colombian Steakhouse & Live Music Venue

WOW Connections provided website design and strategic marketing planning including rebranding, logo redesign, and advertising services. Currently providing strategic marketing campaigns, including content strategy, brand consistency, and website IT support and management services ~ Chicago, IL

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Did You Know That More Than 90% of Businesses Using Social Media Networks to Increase Their Sales, Do it Wrong?
Increase your sales using social media and Google Ads. We know how. 

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WOW Connections has built hundreds of websites for small and large businesses. In order to achieve your business objectives, we focus on the UI and UX design, which include layout, colors, fonts, the expression of your brand, and the user-first website experience tailored to your branding and your target audience. Our professional team is committed to maintaining high standards of detail and delivering creative and beautiful websites.

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Our focus is on advertising and strategic marketing campaigns on social media platforms such as Meta and Tik Tok and on search engines such as Google Ads and Microsoft Bing. We implement the latest AI (artificial intelligence) and machine learning technology to provide effective marketing strategies and tactics while implementing advertising services to bring growth and impactful results.

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Brand Development

No matter what stage of your business journey you are at, we have developed hundreds of brands! We work with already-developed brands and do rebranding for a fresh perception and image. We can position you as the #1 provider in your area and add brand equity.​ Learn more…

We take care of the whole production process from video shooting, photography sessions to editing & design to bring your branding to life, while keeping in mind your brand, trends within your industry and budget. Learn more…

WOW Connections provides effective SEO services. Our specialized professional team is eager to work with you to implement the next phase of SEO strategies and tactics integrated with your targeted marketing plan to deliver the best ranking results. Learn more…

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Do you want to be the #1 in your area?
We can make it happen.

WOW Connections is AMAZING! The work they do is beautiful and professional. They have great leadership and a wonderfully diversified team and staff that truly loves what they do. I'd recommend them to anyone who would need help with advertising or creating and maintaing a website!"

B. Webster Business Owner

A great agency with great people. I highly recommend it!"

I. Mba vCERN Fund

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